NewsWA Karate Federation Update

December 22, 2022

The WAKF Board is delighted to announce that Justin Dowel has been appointed as the incoming Chairperson.

Justin Dowel replaces Vasilios (Basil) Gotsis, who served two terms on the Board for a total of six years, with the last three years as the Chair. Two terms is the maximum amount of time, an individual can consecutively serve on the Board.

The WAKF wishes to formally thank Vasilios for his time as Chair and Board Director and in particular his commitment and contribution to the sport, whilst providing guidance in governance and financial management and delivering the strategic outcomes of the organisation.

Justin has been on the Board for five years and brings leadership expertise and karate and sports knowledge that will enable him to represent the WAKF and drive the WAKF Strategic Plan.  Justin has been involved with Karate since he was six years old, is a 6th Dan and is also the Chair of the State Referee Council.

At the 2022 AGM, the following directors were elected by the members to represent and serve the interest of members and collectively oversee and appraise the strategies, major policies and performance of the organisation.

  • Tom Pettitt
  • Kristen Jerkovich
  • Frank Gotsis

Tom is now serving his second team as an elected board director; Kristin originally served as a casual vacancy and has now been elected to the Board. The WAKF welcomes Frank onto the Board as an elected director.