Enjoy Karate

WAKF offer a range of programs, events and competitions that you can join. Whether you looking for a club in your area, competition or opportunity to contribute to the sport in other ways,  WAKF will be able to find something for you.


Karate has a place for everyone, whether 5 or 91. Talk to your local club on how you can get involved!


Strength in a physical sense, in a holistic sense. Strength to be confident in your own skin.


Respect for your peers, respect for your opponents, and respect for your Family

We are a non-profit organisation and the only Government recognised governing body for all karate-do in Western Australia. This ensures our Members have access to our policies in such important areas as ‘Drugs in Sport, Safe Working with Children, Inclusion and risk management, etc

Discover Karate

Karate is a activity for life. We have a number of affiliated clubs around Western Australia that would welcome an opportunity to discuss how they can assist you further.

How do I choose a club?

There are many variables to consider when selecting a Karate Club for yourself or your children.

Most importantly, select a Karate Club that is a member of the WAKF. This provides assurance that the instructors are suitably qualified, and the club follows the policies and procedures of the recognised state sporting organisation including safe working with children and that instructors maintain a standard of professionalism, education and on going development.

Below are some other considerations when selecting a karate club from our list of members.

  • Location
  • Timing and appropriateness of classes for a range of ages and skill levels
  • Facilities offered by the training centre (or dojo)
  • Qualities of the instructors, the students and the atmosphere of the training centre
  • Focus of the karate style and development pathways for students (including gradings)
  • Pricing structures for training and gradings

We find that many families find their karate club by referral from a friend or relative.

Most clubs will provide you with a trial period for you to get to know the instructors, the club and of course the sport a little more. We encourage you to ensure that you get your questions answered.

WA Karate League Competitions

Whether it is kata or kumite, all year round, WAKF run a number of competitions with something for everyone. Our competition calendar offers athletes numerous opportunities to compete in their chosen discipline.

AKF National Championships

The AKF National Championships is the premier national competition for karate in Australia. This is managed by the AKF and hosted by each state, on a rotational roster.