NewsWA Karate Federation Appoints New Chair and Strategic Committees

November 30, 2023
Tom Pettitt Chair

The WA Karate Federation (WAKF) held its first board meeting following its 2023 Annual General Meeting, marking a transition within the organisation. At the meeting was the appointment of the new Chair of the WA Karate Federation.

The leadership role was passed to Tom Pettitt, a familiar face within the WAKF community. Tom’s ascent to the position of Chair comes after a commendable four-year tenure as an elected director, during which he made substantial contributions to the federation’s growth and evolution.

Tom’s impact on the WAKF has been multifaceted, spanning crucial areas such as the development of HR processes, the formulation of the Workforce and Volunteer Plan, establishment of youth leadership roles within the board, fostering diversity for more robust decision-making, and the expansion of regional seminars into successful regional tours with increased funding opportunities.

Bringing a wealth of professional experience to the table, Tom’s business life in senior management roles have equipped him with the skills needed to set policies, define strategic objectives, devise action plans, establish key performance indicators, engage stakeholders effectively, and foster cohesive teamwork.

His adeptness in fostering a culture of success, teamwork, and communication is anticipated to play a pivotal role in furthering the ongoing continuous growth and development of karate in WA under his leadership.

The WA Karate Federation bids farewell to Justin Dowell, whose leadership over the past six years as an Elected Board Director and the last 12 months as Chair has been instrumental the ongoing governance and the development of future initiatives being rolled in 2024 and beyond.

Justin’s commitment to transparency, due diligence and proactive communication was pivotal, fostering a sense of inclusivity among the karate community.

Notably, Justin’s leadership during the year of the WAKF hosting the recent National Championships highlighted his unwavering dedication to the sport of Karate. As Justin steps away from his roles, his legacy of integrity and unwavering commitment serves as a guiding light for the WA Karate Federation’s continued journey.

Strategic Committees for the 2023/2024

In addition to the leadership transition, the board also announced the composition of its Strategic Committees for the 2023/2024 term:

WAKF Finance Committee

  • Chair: Susheela Rollinson
  • Members: Frank Gotsis, Tom Pettitt & Ruth Gibbons

People & Culture Committee

  • Chair: Kristen Jerkovich
  • Member: Ruth Gibbons

State Team Coach and Assistant Coach Selection Committee

  • Chair: Samantha Devine
  • Members: Frank Gotsis, State Head Coach & Lead Coaches