NewsReferee & Coaches Seminar – 18th March 2023

March 2, 2023

Dear Referee,  Judges & Coaches

The WA Referee Council would like to invite you to be part of the upcoming Seminar on Saturday 18th March.

The Presenter Mr Dion Panossian will be conducting the seminar to include the new rules.

Location : Gold Netball Centre, 200 Selby Street, Jolimont

Time :   2pm – 4pm

Cost : $25 per person  – (Referees will be refunded who attend the next day’s tournament and referee for the Day.)

RSVP for Seminar :  Before or on Wednesday 15th March 2023 (Via Link Below)

Dress : Casual Dress

RSVP for Tournament attendance to Referee : Before or on Wednesday 15th March 2023 (via link below)

Referee & Coaches Seminar – Registration Link


WAKF has a legal obligation to comply with the Working with Children (Criminal Record) Checking) Act 2004 and as such, have introduced the following requirements for all WAKF Events and Tournaments.

Note – VOLUNTEERS  – Working With Children requirements – (Information to be submitted by the club for the following volunteers EXCEPT for Referees):-

All Volunteers (unless they are exempt) – Club Coaches /  Table Officials  / Marshalls / Tea-Coffee personnel must submit to their club their WWC card number. All volunteers must have a valid WWC Card to participate in the event.

  • If a volunteer is exempt they must be on the list also.

Each club needs to provide the WAKF with the list of volunteers and coaches – Firstname & Surnames and WWC Card number. If the volunteers is exempt please write exempt next to their name.


Unless the referee has a WWC exemption  each referee must provide WAKF with a copy (photo/photocopy) of their current WWC Card prior to the commencement or the competition season.

Referees must send information direct to the WAKF WWC Registration Officer –  Christine Smith

WWC Exemptions

Certain people do not require a WWC Check because they fit within the description of an exemption that applies to the specific category or categories of child-related work they engage in.

If a person’s work is covered by an exemption then they are not in child-related work and are ineligible to apply for a WWC Check. There are some general exemptions which apply across all categories while others are specific to a particular category. It is important to consider all the work a person does when deciding whether they are exempt and do not require a WWC Check.

Some general exemptions include:

  • work carried out on a voluntary basis by a child;
  • work carried out on an unpaid basis by a student under 18 years of age; and
  • parents volunteering in certain activities where their child is also involved or participates (unless attending an overnight activity).

For specific information about the various exemptions please read Factsheet 2: Child-Related Work and Exemptions.