NewsMeet the New Faces on the WAKF Board!

February 23, 2024
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Embracing a wave of energy and expertise, the Western Australia Karate Federation (WAKF) is thrilled to announce the latest additions to WAKF Board.

Joining as an appointed Director, we warmly welcome Vince Del Prete, a seasoned leader bringing a wealth of experience to our governance team. Additionally, filling a casual vacancy Karin Prinsloo brings her unique perspectives and talents to further enrich our board. Together, Vince and Karin are set to play pivotal roles in steering WAKF towards new heights of success of engagement and strategy.

Vince Del Prete 

Vince Del Prete, a leader with over 30 years of expertise in human resources management, executive roles, corporate governance, and strategic planning, has been appointed as the newest Appointed Director on the WAKF Board.

His experience as a CEO, with Athletics West and Softball WA and underscores his capabilities in implementing effective governance practices, financial systems, strategic planning, and other management practices. With a deep understanding of athletes, coaches, officials, and volunteers’ pathways at all levels of sports, Vince brings a wealth of knowledge to the WAKF Board.

Vince also led the People Development Unit at the Department of Sport and Recreation WA (2008 – 2016), where he played a role in reshaping service delivery and support to the sport and recreation industry.

His voluntary roles, such as serving as a Director on the Bowls WA Board, highlights his dedication to the sports community. Vince looks forward to leveraging his skills, knowledge, and experiences to contribute to the growth and success of the Western Australia Karate Federation.

Karin Prinsloo

Karin, a distinguished Karate champion with a 6th Dan Black Belt, brings over four decades of training and competitive experience to WAKF. Her international accolades showcase her exceptional skills and dedication to the sport.

Beyond her athletic achievements, Karin has served as the Owner and Head Instructor at the Pinetown JKA Karate Institute, managing a team of instructors and guiding karateka to success. With academic qualifications in Sport Management and a commitment to continuous learning, Karin holds esteemed Referee, Instructor, and Examiner qualifications from international and national karate associations.

As Co-Owner and Head Instructor at Stirling Karate, Karin continues to contribute to the karate community. Her diverse skill set and strategic mindset make her a valuable addition to WAKF’s board, and the entire community looks forward to the impact she will undoubtedly make on the future of karate in Western Australia.