About Us

Why should I join the West Australian Karate Federation

Joining the Australian Karate Federation opens developmental pathways for member through competition,officiating and professional development.

The West Australian Karate Federation is the state’s Premier Karate organisation

We are a non-profit,and the only  Government recognised governing body for all karate-do in Western Australia. This ensures our Members have access to our policies in such important areas as ‘Drugs in Sport, anti-discrimination, infectious diseases, risk management, etc.

We offer world class competition

Affiliation with the  Australian Karate Federation, Oceania Karate Federation and World Karate Federation provides our members competition pathways to reach their ultimate goals.

The Western Australian Karate Federation also promotes and supports competition at grass roots level through the West Australian Karate League

We are affiliated with the Australian Olympic Committee

The Australian Karate Federation is the only karate organisation affiliated with the Australian Olympic Committee. In conjunction with the WKF we are progressing plans to inaugurate karate into the Olympic and Commonwealth Games.

Our instructors are internationally recognised

Our dan grades and referees are recognised by every major international country and sporting organisation.

Our instructors are required to maintain a minimum level of continuing professional development to maintain their coaching accreditation.

We provide education programs for members

Our members enjoy a diverse choice of subjects as part of our education program. They are eligible to gain internationally recognised qualifications in a number of fields. The West Australian Karate Federation also conduct annual coaching accreditation recognised by the Australian Sports Commission and National Coaching Accreditation Scheme

In cooperation with the Australian Sports Commission we conduct a National Coaching Accreditation Scheme program to ensure our members have the latest up-to-date knowledge, tools and qualifications.

Our members have access to Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) facilities and resources

Access to AIS is available to our elite athletes and coaches. Our highly respected and successful coaching staff regularly take groups to the AIS to make full use of the latest developments in sports science and coaching methods to improve the performance of our young athletes.