West Australian Karate Federation
State Squad Registration 2020


The West Australian Karate Federation (AKFWA) invites 2019 State Squad members to renew their membership and new athletes to register as a member of the State Squad for 2020. Your registration will be current for this year and expire on 31 December.

Registration opens 6 January 2020 and closes 13 February 2020.

Squad Registration for 2020 for those athletes seeking State Team selection includes Registration, Training, Training Camp and the Annual Awards & State Team Presentation Dinner. All you need to do is complete this Registration Form, together with payment. Membership fee for the first family member is $275.00 (Inc. GST) and subsequent family members is $250.00 (Inc. GST). Payment is required to be made prior to completing registration & no later than 13 February, 2020. Note, athletes not selected into the State Team for 2020 may be entitled to a partial refund of the membership fee. Fees are nonfundable once team is selected. Late registration will attract an additional late fee of $50.00 (Inc. GST).

Only registered members of the State Squad for 2020 will be eligible for consideration for selection into the State Team. In addition, membership will entitle you to the full benefits of the Training, Development and Coaching program as communicated by Head State Coaches.

For State Squad members nominating for selection consideration to the 2020 State Team, the minimum requirements are outlined in the State Team Policy & Guidelines and Code of Behaviour available from the AKFWA website www.karetewestaustralia.com. It is a condition of registration that you familiarise yourselves with these documents.

The AKF National Championships will be held in Perth 10 – 12 July 2020. In order to assist with financial planning of this event, a cost breakdown will be forwarded to you once the registration process is finalised.

We look forward to a successful 2020 and the opportunity to deliver a comprehensive Training, Development and Coaching program which consolidates the work of the State Coaching Panel and achievements of you, the athletes, last year.

The year ahead is filled with many opportunities as well as great excitement and expectations as Olympic qualification events are held around the world.  It is with the same excitement, we encourage you to complete this Registration Form at your earliest convenience. Should you have any queries regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact Christine Smith, State Administrator, via e-mail at info@karatewestaustralia.com.

Exemptions to Christine Smith, State Administrator, via e-mail at info@karatewestaustralia.com.

Yours sincerely,

Kelly Boar
Board Director

Payment can be made via Paypal after completing the registration form.

Please be advised all documentation needs to be completed with the relevant

membership fee by no later than 13 February 2020 to:

West Australian Karate Federation
Christine Smith
State Administrator
5 Stirling Waters Avenue

The AKFWA reserves the right to allow late registration at its sole discretion.

State Squad Registration Form

Please nominate your category(s) for State Team Selection.

The information that is collected through this form will allow the AKFWA to provide the best possible care whilst you are on an official AKFWA endorsed event. This information will only be disclosed to the necessary medical assistance provider should the need arise. All information the AKFWA collects about you can be updated at any time.

State Team/Squad Members are required to Volunteer at WAKL & State Tournaments. If you are not able to help then a family member is required to volunteer.
As above states that it is a requirement as a State Team member to volunteer at 3 events. If you are not able to help then a family member is required to help. If a parent is helping at the Nationals you will be able to take time out to watch your child/children compete.
By completing this form you consent for an AKFWA representative to authorise emergency medical treatment on the advice of a qualified medical practitioner. In addition, consent is also authorised for a qualified AKFWA representative to administer first aid in the case of an accident or minor ailment occurring in related Squad/Team activities and/or event with the State Team.

I, the undersigned, in consideration of, and as a condition of acceptance of my membership to the AKFWA State Squad for 2020 for myself, heirs, executors and administrators, hereby waive all and any claims, which I or they might otherwise have, arising out of any loss of life, injury or loss of any description whatsoever, which I may sustain in the course of or as a consequence of my training with the said Organisation. The waiver, release and discharge shall be in favour of all persons, joint or severally involved in the instruction or management of the said Organisation.
I have read and understood, and as a condition of acceptance of my membership to the AKFWA State Squad for 2020, hereby agree to the conditions set out in the State Team Policy & Guideline and Code of Behaviour provided on the AKFWA website.

If under the age of 18